Beautiful places that you don't know about

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The world is full of wonders... wonders we know about (the Grand Canyon) and those we might not (see below). But it’s important to note that this earth we all live on is an insanely beautiful place.

The Sossusvlei pan’s Dune 45
The Sossusvlei pan’s Dune

Visit these Namibian dunes—often referred to as the highest in the world—either early in the morning or at sunset when the heat is less intense.

Sótano de las Golondrinas (Cave of Swallows), Mexico
Cave of Swallows

Adventure seekers can BASE jump into this open-air cave, some 1,200 feet down.

Tane Mahuta (lord of the forest), New Zealand
Tane Mahuta

New Zealand’s largest living kauri tree can stand up to 167 feet tall.

Great Australian Bight
Great Australian Bight

Like the Cliffs of Dover, but not, these cliffs stretch roughly 720 miles along Australia’s southern coast.

Rub’ Al-Khali (Empty Quarter), Oman
Empty Quarter

The world’s largest area of continuous sand measures around 250,000 square miles and covers four countries.

Ushuaia, Argentina

Commonly known as southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia is the jumping off point for Antarctic explorers.

Oymyakon, Russia

The world’s coldest inhabited place is nicknamed “Pole of Cold.”

Gangkhar Puensum Mountain, Bhutan
Empty Quarter

The highest point in Bhutan, this mountain is often referred to as the world’s highest unclimbed mountain.

Socotra, Yemen

An archipelago of islands 220 miles off Yemen, the island is among the most biodiverse on the planet. There are nine species of the dragon’s blood tree (seen here) on the island.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Measuring in at roughly 1.8 miles long, this tunnel sits deep in the forests of Ukraine.

Red Beach, Panjin, China
Red beach

This red-hue on this “beach” is actually created by the seaweed Sueda, which starts growing in spring, stays green in summer and then turns this maroon-y color come fall. The beach is located within the biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world.

Bamboo Forest, Japan
Bamboo Forest

In Kyoto’s Arashiyama district sits this unique forest of super tall bamboo in Sagano.

This street in Bonn, Germany
This street in Boon

For roughly 2-3 weeks a year, the cherry blossoms bloom in Bonn, creating a rosy canopy on this street.

Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan
Wisteria Tunnel

Ok, so it’s manmade, and you can only really see it in April and May, but how cool is this?

Door To Hell, Turkmenistan
Door to Hell

There are, as it is, several gateways to hell but this one features an underground gas fire that has been burning for 30+ years.

Catedral de Marmol (the Marble Cathedral), Lago General Carrera, Patagonia, Chile
Cathedral de Marmol

Erosion has created beautiful caverns in the marble of these mineral formations. You just need to take a small boat to see it in person.

Son Doong Cave
Son Doong Cave

The world’s biggest cave, set in Vietnam, could fit a 40-story skyscraper within it.

Lake Retba, Senegal
Lake Retba

The pink-hued lake gets its awesome color thanks to a bacteria which is drawn to the lake’s natural saltiness. The bacteria produces a red color to absorb the sunlight, thus giving the lake its hue. It’s particularly colorful in dry season (November through June).

Rainbow Mountains, China
Rainbow Mountain

Part of the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, these UNESCO World Heritage-designated mountains get their rainbow name as a result of red sandstone and mineral deposits being pressed together for more than 24 million years.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Conical formations caused by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago dot this stunning landscape. Now tourists stay in the many cave hotels that dot the area.


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