Worst things in India

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The fact that even after 67 years of independence more than 50% of this country lives in conditions of under poverty. When the common man has to get to the streets and suffer through strikes only to get his voice heard. Where dowry is regarded as a status symbol and brides are used as units of measurement. A country where Government websites meant for public assistance look likes as if they are loading for a long time and test your levels of patience. When India comes on top of embarrassing lists, no any gold medals in Olympic yet. Where same sex marriage is a crime while marital rape is legal. When honor killing is still practiced and is an ignored evil. When people assume public places as toilets and spitting yards! The fact that we criticize cops all the time but when a police officer obeys and follows his duty this is what happens

police duty

That grades and marks are given more importance than actual learning. When the media gives unnecessary coverage to issues like SRK and Salman Khan patch-up and ignores other important issues that need recognition. When officers remain busy playing games on mobile or computer at the peak office hours at a Government office. Where roads give themselves away after only one monsoon period, indicating corruption in road development. Rising number of crimes against women domestic violence and the fact that despite of all this we try and live in utter ignorance.

police duty


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